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Victoria Fire & Rescue everyday seeks new members to continue to serve our community. Members become a part of a growing organization, obtain training and experience that can save lives. We serve our community with Fire, EMS, Hazmat and Rescue services.

Applicants Must be 16 years of age, good standing citizen with clean record, and approved health from family physician. The department application will include a medical survey and a letter or physical from a physician that states you are Medically able to serve. The Member will have a choice in service they wish to provide. Active members have a vote in Department business, become a certified Firefighter or EMT within one year, and take on the task of daily operations. Support Membership does not include a voting right in business. Members of this category must provide a letter of annual obligations you will fulfill. Support Members currently help with fundraisers, building and grounds, fire prevention activities, and even support operations as operators of equipment or Firefighters who may not meet active criteria. Junior Members are for Applicants under the age of 18, who may become a certified Firefighter or EMT. However, until the age of 18 may not undergo Interior Firefighting or released to provide EMS services as Attendant in Charge until becoming a Active Senior Member. The Department after receiving application will have a officer or commitee contact you before joining, to meet and gain intentions and review application. After being brought on, under the current Recruitment and Retention process you will have 6 month Probationary Period which before becoming a full member you must provide adequate services to move forward. Meetings will be held 1st and 3rd Thursday in Department Meeting Room at 7pm, active members must attend one meeting per quarter.




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