Fire Prevention Week
Fri. Sep 6th 2019

October 6th -12th is Fire Prevention Week. Every year Firefighters and Personnel dedicate this week into educating adults and children about Fire Safety. Starting from the youngest ages is the best way to get the basics in memory. Teaching kids stop drop and roll, how to use 911 and what to say. How to protect themselves in a hazardous situation, and getting out of the house and to safety in a emergency. Here in the recent years Fire Prevention Week is even being used further for kids and educating them on the Fire Service and allowing them to see the equipment used. Adults it's about gearing up using safer materials, using extinguishers, proper appliance safety and etc.


If you would like to schedule a Fire Station visit, or have Members to put on a small assembly. Please call the station and let us know how we can help.


Station Phone #: (434) 696-2605




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5 entries in the News

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